I’m finding it difficult to uncover information on the web about the Candy Lady, however, I did find something!! I found two Tumblr pages (so far) that mention her. One gives details about the woman they believe the Candy Lady urban legend is based on. http://historyofclaracrane.tumblr.com/

It claims her name was Clara Crane and she lived around the time of the turn of the 20th century. She was married to an older man and they had one child. Her daughter, Marcella, was killed in an accident and Clara blamed her husband. She murdered him with poisoned caramels.

She was sent to the North Texas Lunatic Asylum where she stayed for a few years until she was released because of overcrowding.

A few years after that kids started disappearing in the area she grew up in, and that’s when the Candy Lady legend begins.

I am so excited to have found something! My search continues…

So, I’m becoming a little obsessed with this story. It’s interesting how many people in this area remember the story from when they were growing up. Many times urban legends have a thread of truth to them, I’m wondering which part of this story holds the sliver of truth. Hopefully it’s not the fork part, not a fan of the fork part.

I recently went to see my grandma (81 yo) who loves to talk about local history, and asked her about the Candy Lady story. Her retelling was a little different than I had heard, but it’s likely to be closer to the source, though she couldn’t admit where she had heard it. Only that it used to scare the crap out of her as a little girl 🙂 This would have been in the early 1940s.
At first I made the mistake of calling of calling the Candy Lady, the Candy Fairy, and she quickly reprimanded me insisting that it is Lady, NOT Fairy! She told me the story I already knew but had details I hadn’t heard before. Apparently, people started getting really paranoid after the first few kids disappeared and started asking questions.They started looking for a connection between the children, that’s when stories of the Candy Lady started to spread.  All told, about seven or eight kids went missing over five years and this of course terrified parents. She says the town didn’t celebrate Halloween for years after that.
I asked her if the story about the police officer was true and she said yes, “Apparently the Candy Lady didn’t like people looking into her works.” What creeped me out the most was watching my Nanna tell the story, she looked genuinely disturbed. She obviously does not like talking about this story.
After my Grandma went to bed, I mentioned to my Mom that Nanna and I had talked about the Candy Lady story. I was then surprised that my Mom (a big fan of horror like me) didn’t light up. She got kinda quiet and asked if Nanna mentioned the girl up the road from their home who had gone missing and was never found when my mom was nine. I said that she hadn’t. My mom said that it was after that incident that she was told the Candy Lady story by Nanna and it scared the crap out of her. My Mom said for like a month she’d wait until her parents were asleep then turn on all the lights in her room so she could fall asleep.
The next day, alone in the car with my grandma, I asked her about the girl that went missing up the road (would’ve been the mid sixties) and then Nanna actually got kind of irritated. She said that it was all just a silly legend. A noticeable difference from her openness the night before. When I asked about her telling my Mom the Candy Lady story she said that she didn’t, that Mom must have heard it from one of her friends.
So here’s what I think- I think my Grandma was totally terrified of the Candy Lady story when she was a child. When she herself was a mom and the girl up the road went missing, she felt that fear again and probably did tell my Mom the story almost in some cathartic effort to rid herself of the rehashed terror. And of course, it scared my Mom at the time as well. Now I have to know more!!!!

The Candy Lady

So the general story is that a long time ago, I guess around the turn of century, children began reporting that they were waking up to find candy left on their bedroom window sills. I don’t know why (maybe because candy was such a rare treat at the time?) but they didn’t tell their parents.
Then they started to find writing on the wrappers claiming that the candy was from the “Candy Lady” or “Candy Fairy”. Then a couple of kids, brother and sister, went missing. They were out on their property far from the house and just never came back.
Well, over the next couple of years or so, a few more kids went missing. That’s when some kids started to confess about eating strange candy left on their window sills from a Candy Lady. The kids were scared so they told their parents. Then a farmer found the rotten teeth of a child in a candy wrapper on the edge of one of his fields.
A police deputy started investigating then went missing. A few weeks later, they found his body in a shallow ditch. And here’s the creepy part- his eyes were stabbed. With a fork. He had candy in his pockets.
People said it was the Candy Lady. Any time any kid would go missing, all the local children would talk about how the Candy Lady got them. How she took them somewhere and pulled out their teeth or stabbed their eyes out with a fork.